Emerged in 1979 in the town of Pontedeume, around a small group of people interested in restoring the ancient traditions of art and music of the region of the marinas.

Social changes and increased participation in their activities need to be constituted as Folk and Cultural Association “Orballo” and entered in the General Register of Associations of Galicia.

In año1.982, is named “protected by the Commission Association of Culture Hon. Pontedeume City Council.” Orballo spends most of its effort to promote and restore music, dance and traditional costumes, through participation in festivals, dances, and organizing exhibitions.

With traditional schools of dance, bagpipes, percussion and “tambourine”, emerging more than 150 students ages 3 and up.

Besides school activities, Orballo organizes throughout the year other activities such as exhibitions, festivals of Maios, Muiñeira Day and International Folklore Festival.

The recovery of dances, a key element for progress in complying with the traditions, can add two dances on the verge of disappearing from local memory as the “Dance of Arcos de Pontedeume” that accompanies the Virgen del Carmen in its release sea, and “Dance do BIOUTEIRO” accompanying “Maios” in his party. This allows continuing recovery today show repertoire that includes all varieties of our folklore rhythm: muiñeiras, muileiras Velhas, Jacks, kicked, Mane, muiñeiras Baixas, etc.

CONUN account wardrobe with traditional garments include suits of many different parts of Galicia, both on duty as usual costumes, and mountain.

Orballo has carried his work through geography, national and international festivals, always getting good reception.

Orballo in 2004 is integrated as an effective member of the Federation of Songs and Dances of Spain (FACYDE).