Extraordinary Orballo held to elect new board

On Thursday, October 11, was held at the Senior Center Pontedeume, the AFC Extraordinary Orballo, called to elect a new Board. As regulated by the statutes of the Association every two years is necessary to call elections for the officers of the association. As stated in the rules, the Board shall consist of a minimum of ten and a maximum of fourteen.

The meeting of the assembly, we proceeded to the vote of the only existing application that unanimously by those present was elected.

The application is composed of people who mostly belonged to the Board of earnings, and some new members, and are as follows:

  • Chairman: Eduardo Mourelle Botana
  • Vice-chairman: Concepción Curbeira Fonte
  • Secretary: Natalia Martínez López
  • Treasurer: Rosa Manteiga Presedo
  • Other members of the board:
    • Cristina Fraga Pena
    • Sonia Rodríguez Sanmartín
    • Laura Piñeiro Fraga
    • Roberto Fernández Piñeiro
    • Adolfo Seara Lamelas
    • Carlos Martínez López
    • Ignacio Balado Martínez
    • Xoan Espada Blanco

It only remains to thank the work done to Laura and Ignacio Calaza Filgueiras that over two years in the association made for personal reasons and that can not continue.

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