End of course A.F.C. Orballo

Excursión a TaramundiThis past weekend we celebrated THE END OF COURSE Orballo.

On Saturday 16, all alumni / ae of the school of our association, meeting at the rehearsal, demonstrated their skills in different types of activity taking place in our school: traditional dance, traditional singing and tambourine, and harmonica. The event began at six o’clock, where after the show, they presented a diploma for their efforts throughout the course.

On Sunday 17, have been enjoying a trip to Taramundi with all students in school. In the village we were able to visit two museums:

  • “Museum of the Loom”
  • “Museum of the Mills” – “Mazonovo”

In the first, we have seen throughout the natural process linen garments, which is collected from the plant, mazado peinadoy Linen, yarn and subsequent preparation of fabrics, made of an old loom.

In “Mazonovo” We could not enjoy the process of functioning of an ancient water mill. Our students have previously attended the screening of a video explaining the operation of the mill and have been subsequently be see for themselves. During the visit, there are interactive parts where we could operate different parts of the mill, as we have seen the natural process flour, since it was added cereal grain into flour.

The experience was very rewarding. Thank you all for your interests.

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