May 17, Day of Galician letters

Next Thursday 17th of Maio, to celebrate the Day of Galician Letters dedicated to Valentín Paz Andrade, two groups of the School of Dance Orballo AFC, will perform at the Royal Plaza Pontedeume. The event organized by the municipal library Pontedeume City Council, is scheduled to begin at 13.00.

Valentín Paz Andrade

Lawyer, journalist, poet, traveler, businessman and linked to politics. The multifaceted personality Valentín Paz-Andrade, soaked at the same time, of great humanity, had been marked by a single goal: to work with and for Galicia.

Valentín Paz-Andrade belongs on the timeline and desires, noucentista group, also called Generation of 1925, a group of poets born around 1900 that had as main profession of faith renew and enter into modernity Galician poetry.

Examples of his work include the following genera:

The trial. - “Galicia as a task”, “The marginalization of Galicia,” “economic system of fishing in Galicia,” “Principles of Economics Pequera” among others ….

Poetry. – “Sowing the Wind,” “Hundred shadow keys” and “Matrix I plant.”

The narrative. - “Soldier of Death”

Also cultivated among his journalistic genres article, collaborating with numerous galician newspapers along his career as a writer.

In the business arena, Valentín Paz-Andrade worked with the Galician businessman Jose Fernandez Lopez at the launch of Pescanova, the multinational Galician fishing excellence. From 1959 and after forging a friendship with Manuel Cordo Boullosa presented a project for the creation of a large refinery in Galicia. And also designed a project to create a bank in Galicia. Latter two projects that did not go ahead but you did at that time might have changed, no doubt, the economic and business profile of the autonomous region.


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