Contest May 2012, Ponetedeume

The 1st of May, the students of our school participated in the dance contest held each year Mays Pontedeume City Council, with two figures of May, which corresponded to the names “Cruzeiro” and “Asubio Eume”. The competition is the development of traditional May figures made ​​entirely with vegetation, designed according to tradition, is celebrating the arrival of spring.

Students A.F.C. Orballo have interpreted a song that alluded to such a conclusion, having been awarded the fourth prize of the contest, worth € 100, which also has been evaluated in addition to the interpretation, the vegetation composition of the figure of May “Asubio Eume”.

From the Association want to give our heartfelt congratulations to all our students, for their effort and dedication, not to mention the rest of the participating associations for work performed.

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  1. Una chulada de actuaciòn!!!!!!!!!muchas gracias!!!!!

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